07 March 2008

Sex is all around, get over it

A Lim Soo Hoon complains that a shop handed her son a condom and sold him a kamasutra chocolate. A Bennie Cheok complains that a TV show had a same-sex couple living with a son. Meanwhile, strippers make it big. Full essay.


Anonymous said...

it is quite legit for people to complain about scenes they do not want to see, even if these involve common occurrences, e.g., millions of pigs, cows and chickens are killed every day to provide food, but most people, though meat eaters, would object to being shown such animal slaughter scenes

but community standards do change, and different people react differently; diversity of views is to be expected


Anonymous said...

It must be pretty embarrassing for that lady's son! It looks like instead of teaching him how to be mature and grown-up (which he should already be at 17, seeing as how sex is legal at 16), she treats him like an immature little innocent boy. I'm sure she must be a very loving and caring mother, but I worry because not all parents think condoms should be banned. I personally think all 17 year olds should be given out condoms at school. Make them easily available and free, so that we can reduce teenage pregnancies. After all, that's a much greater problem than accidentally giving a condom to those rare, innocent, never-have-sex-at-all boys.

Anonymous said...

If I am not mistaken, I remembered Bakerzin already advertised in the press that they had something special for couples to celebrate for Valentine's Day. There are so many options for her :-

1) Don't order the cake
2) Use the kamsutra cake to enhance her lovemaking session with her hubby (assuming that she has one)
3) Pass the condom to her hubby to use
4) Pass the condom to her son and teach him how to use it
5) Throw away the condom

What's the exact problem with Ms Lim by writing to the press ?

Is she trying to complain that Bakerzin is too immoral in their business promotions ?

Is she one of those fanatic Christian or Muslim or what ?

Yawning Bread Sampler said...

Following up on Anon 20:49h,

She may have to write to the press to complain about immorality in 7-11 stores, Cheers, Guardian Pharmacies, Watsons, etc. If her 17-year-old wishes to buy condoms from any of them, they will sell.

And rightly too. What would you rather? That a 17-year-old has protected sex or unprotected sex?

emma said...

oh boy.. "eastern values" indeed. I love it when they bring up "eastern/asian values". Dont these idiots know that things like sex and homosexuality, the presence of a "third gender/non gendered" individual.. all have been around in asian society for eons? Kamasutra for example..
They have nothing agst adopting western dress, cuisine or holidays (or religion) but everytime the subject of homosexuality or sex comes up, they are so quick to blame the west. "Oh, its the western influence" PLease!
It is much easier to censor everything you dont like rather than to be a truly proactive parent. One who takes the initiative to explain to your child why you dont think certain things are acceptable. How much can you censor?

Jason said...

Oh, I googled this Ms Lim's name. It is really amazing that people in public office can show this level of intelligence, Yes, she love his son (Sam) as she went through some pain with him. (She even wrote a book on that too, ISBN 9789812481230). But, one should reflect carefully about what one writes before shooting their mouth off.

From what is available on the net, it appears that she has rather strong faith in her religion.

Maybe, the son did not really the mother the whole truth and nothing but the truth. I think that the son is afraid of his mother and dare not to tell her it is his wish to buy the item.

Or, his son did tell her the truth. It is just that she does not like the cake shop to readily present the opportunity for her son to tinker his sexual curiosity.

It will be sad that some jokers will suggest that the businesses should display some R18 rating signages on their shop fronts.

And by the way, she has a husband. Go through High Browse Online @ NLB.