31 July 2008

Those other ones affected by homosexuality

Suicide. Murder. Rage and despair. Families of gay people have very few resources to help them cope. They don't know whom to turn to or where to begin. Full essay.


Weiye said...

I don't understand why it's termed honour killing when the act is so despicable and shameful just as any other motivated forms of murder are.

Such naming might actually give the act a positive ring and inspire others to do the same. In fact, I believe the family members were disillusioned into believing that the family honour is conserved by killing the son. The reality is otherwise.

Dee said...

That's just really despicable: using "a label" as a pretext for ending another's existence, simply because you disapprove of or despise his or her existence.

Though I suspect "honor killing" probably refers to a "a rite/act" which restores one's honor. Anyways, I'm really curious: are there any legislations in Turkey against "honor killing" and how are they enforced?