01 August 2008

Punitive approach not the best, says drug policy advocate

Ethan Nadelmann pointed out how Singapore is now a far outlier in our approach to drug abuse. Many countries, even in Asia, have moved to a harm reduction strategy because the latter delivers better social and public health results. Full essay.

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Teck Soon said...

This was a thoughtful article. I am pleased that you have addressed this issue. The fact that Singapore executes people for transporting cannabis is morally troubling for me, and I hope your article will encourage other Singaporeans to educate themselves on this issue. Too many people are quick to condemn drug users without understanding or compassion. I don't believe executing them or throwing them all into jail is the answer. Based on success in Europe, it looks like partial legalisation seems to be a more sensible route. If Singapore goes this route, it would also do much to improve our image around the world, since we wouldn't have to execute any more Australians.