23 August 2008

Feeling a little silly in a football tabloid

The New Paper asked me for a 400-word article on the theme, "If I were the prime minister". Would any of the tabloid's football fans bother with a political piece?. I gave it a go, but still felt like fish out of water. Full essay.


Abao said...

Good Day Alex,

I think you underestimate The New Paper, although you are right in saying that most of its readers are only concerned about sports and football in general.

I started reading The New Paper for its simple writing in my primary school days, and gradually switched to the Straits Times for News and Commentaries, before turning online and writing off the MSM altogether.

In short, your article may just ignite the interest of current affairs in young students learning to read news articles.


yuen said...

it used to the job of Today to be "different" and "bold"; after the Mr Brown case, editor Mano had to leave and Today has since become a mini ST - it even started more business coverage lately

this left some blank space waiting to be filled; Newpaper started to publish in the morning, and now even tries to include some "alternative" voice; however, it already has a "well typed" paying clientelle, with a "physical" orientation - soccer, beauty contests, sob stories - so the attempt has fallen flat so far

Anonymous said...

Nice piece mr bread, i like it!

i think we will fall further behind before we even see any catching up.. :)

recruit ong

Chee Wai Lee said...

It is a nice article. Indirectly, imho, it highlights the insanely frantic activity of any opposition government "accidentally" voted into power. So many things wrong that need changing. From the history of "change" governments so far, these tend to disappoint just because of the sheer scale of what they need to accomplish before their population gets impatient. It is not only about national infrastructure, peoples' minds need to be coaxed open.

Anyway, my past experience with the New Paper as a youth used to coincide with abao's experience. Maybe it has changed now. If not, then I am pretty sure it has attracted some attention from the youth, so perhaps it will have some impact in the long term. There's hope there.

Leon said...

Alex, I'd vote for you.