04 August 2008

Malaysian politics can make you stupid

One month ago, Mohd Saiful accused Malaysian opposition politician Anwar Ibrahim of engaging in sodomy with him. The police and media treat it as sexual assault. Now they're arguing over medical reports, pus and blood, or the absence of such. Did anyone notice the slippery slope from sodomy to sexaul assault to rape? Full essay.


Anonymous said...

hi alex, good to see you back in top form. enjoyed your last couple of posts.

just a quick request - would it be possible for you to put an NSFW (not safe for work) advisory at the top of any posts containing nudity? then your readers can avoid any "surprises" as they scroll down.

if i'm checking in here on a 10 minute coffee break at work and get sprung looking up some guy's (or girl's) bum it could get awkward... an nsfw warning means i could put off reading till i get home.


Yawning Bread Sampler said...

Sorry about that! Warning indicator now added.

Anonymous said...

Ah dont take it personally.

I mean what happened in Malaysia is not so different from how the blogger 13 treated the anonymous bloggers in the net i.e you dont deserve any rights.

So all in all its pretty square, I think. Life is fair.

I am sure even you agree you one cant be expected to pick and choose morality and still come across as whole can you?

You either take it as a package or reject out right.

In the Malaysian experience, they have decided to do the latter.

I think the Malaysian govt deserves credit for that.