13 August 2008

Cirque de Singapour

We're investing in sports and arts education, but we should also think about providing multiple career paths for the graduates before they leave for greener shores. Here's an idea: invest in a dance/acrobatic theatre. It's crazy, some will say. But seriously, why not? Full essay.


Anonymous said...

such a troupe probably wont fare any better than typical symphony orchestra and ballet theatre: they survive with public subsidy and corporate sponsorship; often, donors receive blocks of tickets but could not find people to use them, and rows of sponor reserved seats remain empty for most of the season; the small number of well known musicians are able to generate high income from disc sales and advertising appearances, while live performances are irregular activities, more for generating publicity and renewing bond with fans


Anonymous said...

Somehow I forsee it will take a lot of imported FTs. Even so, bear in mind that our neighbouring countries do not have a gymnastic tradition at all, so even though you say they have over 500 million as talent pool, it may still mean very little.

All said and done, I still agree that this is an idea worth considering. At least it should have a wider audience than our symphony orchestra and ballet, seeing how popular the cirque de soleil is.

Anonymous said...

Sports & the arts do not have a future in Spore. Our "economic growth at all costs" business model cannot sustain non-economic type activities. For example, the S-League soccer league was started by FAS in 1996 and sponsored by Spore Pools for the purpose of betting activities after Spore was voted out of the Malaysia Cup. It never really got off the ground. Why? The English Premiership League! Why bet on some 3rd rate soccer league when everyone focuses on the EPL. Sporeans are more familiar with Ronaldo and Drogba in the EPL than some Mat Jumbo or Dickson Rickson in the S-League.
Spore educational system is also to blame for the narrow academic focus. The Spore Sports College is a dead end! - their graduates will not even make a decent living in a Spore dead environment - there is no thriving professional sports in Spore. Most Sporeans work, eat & sleep with little time for sports and arts entertainment. The arts scene in Spore is totally screwed. Like everything else, we have to import foreign art talent to fill the seats at the 'Durian'. A friend commented that sportsmen, literacy writers & creative people film directors, actors, script writers make the most money in dynamic economies like the USA, UK, etc. Whereas Spore by comparison is dead for these people.
Spore is being micromanaged to death in everything - fertility, education, field of study, etc.

KiWeTO said...

Our talent pool is South East Asia's 560million, WHEN, the government here learns that Singaporean haughtiness is not the most effective approach in terms of foreign policy in this region.

City state. Hah. without access to a hinterland for resources, what city?