23 August 2008

Singapore shows Burmese dissidents the door

Stealthily, the Singapore government is deporting the activists who have been organising against the military junta. From a moral perspective, it's totally wrong. From a long term realpolitick perspective, it's utterly stupid. Full essay.


Anonymous said...

Tks YB for posting this news which the state would like to sweep under the carpet. I think that the government is intensely paranoid of the potential of foreign dissidents in not only embarrassing the Singapore state, but more importantly radicalising Singaporeans. The Burma problem has given many Singaporeans more moral ammo in criticising the republic's foreign policy in addition to staging public demonstrations.

Aung said...

Thanks for your post. I would like to point out that the correct name of Thu Yean Win is Thu Yein Win.

Singaporean said...

Just want to say that I recognise a brave kind soul in your speaking out, at least for the sake of human decency.

Anonymous said...

"He concedes that such decisions are up to the Singapore government; as foreigners they cannot demand the right to stay."

Although decisions are "up to" the Singapore government, those decisions should be transparent. Where is Singapore's famed transparency?

Anonymous said...

YB wrote:
"One day, it will fall and these young men and women whom we antagonise today will quite possibly be part of the new government. How can it serve Singapore's interest to be on the wrong side of history?"

Don't worry, the Spore government changes its spots faster than you can say Stop! When the junta is finally kicked out for good, the Spore government will claim selective memory loss to gain favors with the new democratic government of Mynamar if such an establishment rises. Probably envisioned the Spore government championing some ASEAN led initiative to work together with the new democrats in Mynamar.

These engineered deportations serve as a warning of course to Spore citizens that if you dare defy the us the ruling Mandarins of Spore, you will get the "preferred" treatment of a greater magnitude & force than these Mynamar citizens on our soil. Spore a democratic country, my foot!

Anonymous said...

WHY CAN'T THEY APPLY FOR POLITICAL ASYLUM IN USA ? Languishing in a foreign country is just like being chased out of a lodging with no place to go. Can empathise with that.

Anonymous said...

It is not that easy to apply for political asylum in the USA. Their main impediment for doing so is the fact that they are not in the USA at the moment. If they could somehow travel to the US, then they could apply from there. Generally, if someone currently outside the US needs to gain entry because of persecution, they are admitted as a refugee and not an asylum-seeker. That's my understanding anyway.

Anonymous said...

This event demonstrates very clearly in no uncertain terms, the core beliefs and attitude of the government.

So many Singaporeans still naively hope this hope that, and childishly taken in by easing of making of political films, easing of Hong Lim park's government-allowed activities, to name some etc etc all of which are HOPE AGAINST HOPE.

Wake up Singaporeans. Sleeping for 43 years is toooo looong by any measure whether Omega, Rolex or Longines.

Anonymous said...

This article just made me feel so, so depressed. That is all. Thank you for posting it.

Yawning Bread Sampler said...

If we think there is a case for asylum status for these Burmese dissidents, then why do we cast our minds to the USA? Why don't we EXPECT Singapore to live up to the same standards of compassion that Singapore should be the country giving asylum.

Are we all writing off our own country? Have we no ideals that we want our country to reach?

Myo Myint Maung said...

The following disclaimer is made in response to the statement from Ministry of Home Affairs about the right to stay in Singapore.


My fellow Burmese patriots and I DO NOT ask from Singapore government:

- the right to stay but the rationale for non-renewal of our passes/permits;
- favors but fairness; and
- mercy but magnanimity.

Myo Myint Maung

netina said...

I am shocked by the inconsistencies shown by the Singapore government in the treatment of foreign talents and workers in Singapore. I cannot fathom the logic of a government sponsoring an ASEAN student for studies in S'pore and then denying him the opportunity to work in the same country. What does that imply?
I would speculate that there may be a tacit bilateral agreement between the Burmese regime & the S'pore govt to allow only education of B's students but not employment, for fear of brain drain.

Anonymous said...

I can only think of one comment about our PAP government and leaders :-

Spiteful, ungracious and inhumane, in spite of whatever they have promised and lied to us.

icelemontea said...

Okay. All comments noted and obviously, thumbs down for the singapore govt's behaviour. But just a lil comment on the skewed writing of this article and the obvious slant towards dissing the government.