18 December 2007

Christopher de Souza's four rebuttals

Even though the parliamentary debate about Section 377A is over, it is necessary, for the record, to point out how poor are the arguments some MPs made, starting with Christopher de Souza. Full essay.

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Anonymous said...

I am personally neutral on whether to repeal - it is an important issue to the pro and anti minorities, while the majority is basically indifferent: not supportive and content with just non-enforcement, but also unlikely to object if people higher up decide to change

I believe the higher ups prefer not to change because:

1. in asian societies, homosexuality is still closely associated to western liberal thinking, and they do not wish to encourage the trend

2. if they give in to one vocal and internationally supported minority, others may follow, again not a trend they want to encourage

you could say that, HK made a different choice, and they prefer SG not to be like HK

in public debates, people often do not use their real reasons; their opponents can point this out, but the media can still report the public excuses while keeping quiet about the real thinking