16 December 2007

Hady did Singapore proud

Hady Mirza represented Singapore at the inaugural Asian Idol contest in Jakarta. With our small population, his chances may well be the slimmest, but he performed admirably. Full essay.


Favourite Tv Program said...

yes, he did well. What is Singapore national language ? is it malay ? shouldn't it be English ?

Saltwetfish said...

singapore national language is Malay. Our commercial language is English, but I see Mandarin overtaking it over the years.

wing said...

I'm glad Hady won. He delivered his songs in a measured way. Perhaps there are "cultural" differences in the way songs and singing are appreciated in Asia. I found the diva-esque singing of the Malaysian and Filipino contestants so 1980s - reminiscent of the likes of Whitney Houston and Celine Dion. I have quite enough of this type of OTT "shouting".

If I can vote out someone, it would be the male Indonesian compere, whatever his name was. Was all the shouting necessary? He was rather irritating but at least he was somewhat entertaining and eye-candyish for some.

The absolute disaster (ie irritating, not entertaining and definitely not eye-candy) was the Malaysian judge. Did he have an axe to grind against Hady? Now, he has to eat humble pie...

Anonymous said...

Congratulation to Hady, it was his day. Unfortunately, just my 2 cents, I pretty sure other singers are better than Hady.

I wonder how much local fan of him have spent to vote for him? :)


Anonymous said...

I read your post almost daily, I feel you are very good in many aspects, but somehow, I have to say not so well in music. :)

Hady doesnt even come close enough even to PH singer (which somewhat you didnt give good credit on your post). The singing technique, the breathing, the control of vocal Hady still needs lots to improve. Shouting?? He is shouting to hit high pitch.

"Gemilang" is very inspiring song. If you know malay, you can understand the song easily, not necessary need to know the song or even heard the song before.

"Berserah" a simple song with simple melody, I will bet many can deliver that song easily. :)

Well anyway, GO HADY. best of luck.

The said...

That Hady was a long shot was evident, even Hady never in his wildest dream thought he would win.

I don't think he deserves the win. YB also didn't think Hady is number one, although he is kind enough to rank him number two.

Hady won because of the voting system. Each voter is required to vote for 2 countries. So, how would a rational "patriotic" voter vote? One for the participant from his/her country and one for the the participant deemed to be the least threat - in other words - the lousiest and the worst of the lot. So, Hady ended up collecting all the second votes from all the countries because he was seen to be the "safe" bet - no chance of upsetting their own countryman.

Hady won by default. I think Asia Idol should change the voting system, otherwise this will happen again and again.

Just my $0.02