13 December 2007

DIY self-portraits

How to take some nice pictures of yourself, entirely by yourself, with an inexpensive camera. Full essay.


Anonymous said...

why DIY? dont we all have family members or friends who can take a picture for us, following most of your steps but without the trouble of using self timer and adjusting the focus etc on an empty chair?

I also dont quite understand the zooming part; by focusing on a small part of the scene in front, the camera only picks up a small amount of light; hence, the object need to be brightly lit; these days most cameras have a large pixel number, so cutting out a small part of a larger picture would usually produce sufficient detail

Chris said...

DIY? Well, not everyone has friends or family to take the picture. Some pictures may also be for sites like fridae and might well not be the kind of pics one might want your grandma to ask you to "say cheese" for.

I think that this is probably one of the best blog posts I've ever read. Well-thought out, illustrated with diagrams, with clear instructions. Bravissimo!

sunny flowery said...

I've to admit while most of your posts made me think really hard about issues,

I don't love any of them as much as I love this!

Hehe. I must try this at home tonight. :P

Yawning Bread Sampler said...

Anonymous, 13 Dec, 04:53,

Re zooming, there is a difference, shape-wise, between taking a photo of a face at wide angle and at mild zoom. It's hard to explain in a comment because illustrations are necessary. I'll do it another time.

Sunny flowery -

You're trying it at night? I think it'll be hard to get soft daylight streaming in from your window. Maybe I should experiemnt with desklamp photography and write about it.

Anonymous said...

A very good DIY article on self photography. I have been doing a lot of self photography, may be I shall add my 2 cents worth.

If you can get hold of a camera with a flip over LCD viewer and a remote control then every thing will be perfect.

You can put the camera on a tripod and flip the viewer over so that you can see your own composition and if you are ready press on the remote to take the picture.

Unfortunate I have not found any reasonably branded camera with remote controller. Only cheaper and unknown brands and videocam has this feature.

It seem that only Canon had something like that but not available locally.

Anyone can tell me if you know where can I get such a camera.

I am taking a lot of self nude pics for all my naughty web pages.

Larry said...

I think you just wanted an opportunity to show off your cute face :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, you surely looked very cute in those pictures ;-)

If you happen to pass by Holland, let me know.


PS: Btw, I am Indonesian Chinese. I liked your comments on Mike Mohede.