11 April 2008

Ban-happy Singapore

A cable TV operator is fined S$10,000 for airing a scene in which 2 women kiss. More about 3 of the 4 films banned from the Singapore Film Festival. Full essay.


yuen said...

this reminds me of certain historical events: in the 60s singapore took a stand against hippie culture by denying men with long hair entry until they submit to a haircut; in the 80s Michael Fay's caning attracted world wide publicity; while the press comments were highly negative, private comments I heard were often positive

it comes down to an issue of judgement of which parts of the current pop culture one can bet against, almost like selectively short selling shares that will later fall in value

Anonymous said...

First, it was a "FINE" city.

Now, it is a "BAN" city.

KiWeTO said...

Just think of Singapore as:

"Daddy, Mommy, can I go out and play?"

"No. Its dangerous out there."

"but how will I take care of myself after you are gone? How do I discover myself?"

"Your parents will never die, and will take care of you for all eternity.

You will remain our perfect child, and never do anything that will disappoint us."


Small wonder we are a stunted society. They won't let us go out and play.