25 April 2008

Upholding our 'fine city' reputation

A TV station is fined S$15,000 for "promoting" homosexuality because a reality show had a gay couple in it, while in Japan, public broadcaster NHK breaks its taboo. Full essay.


Anonymous said...

I like watching Project Runway; a lot of the contestants are gay. Maybe they'll ban that next. Pretty soon, they are going to have to ban more or less all TV shows from the West because there are bound to be gay people in them. I think that, similar to the film festival not allowing cuts (either ban or show in full), Western media companies should apply this kind of rule. If they want to cut a gay Oscar winner's speech, then they should prohibit Singapore from showing the Oscars. Singaporeans should concentrate their efforts on the bad, local entertainment. This will help us in becoming a hub. Forcing Singaporeans to watch the local TV shows will also help in national education. Or maybe Mediacorp can just run Lee Kwan Yew speeches all day. MDA might give them some kind of award.

rob said...

There was a brief article on it in today's Pravda (I gave up my subscription for peace of mind). It had some channel 5 bigshot apologizing for crossing an OB marker -- promising that it won't happen again.

Rather sad to see such a spineless and groveling reply, but I've grown cynical enough with the Singapore Way not to be upset by it.

- Rob (long-term bloody foreigner)

Anonymous said...

See which kind of letter our esteemed ST published today.. only this one!

Reg the last para, then murder is a good value? Yesterday just before the 9:30 news (which i SOMETIMES watch!), the was som horro movie in channel 5. Maybe I am to thin-skin or something, but this horrible zombie coming ut of the water and then dying or whatever was just terrible, at 9+! Maybe I should complain with MDA and ask which values are promoted here..?


April 28, 2008
Right decision to fine MediaCorp over gay couple
I REFER to the Media Development Authority (MDA) decision against MediaCorp in the article last Thursday, 'MediaCorp fined for airing show featuring gay couple'.

I agree with and applaud MDA's decision to fine MediaCorp for airing a show featuring a gay couple on television. In airing the show, MediaCorp is tacitly promoting a gay lifestyle. The act of airing such a show which promotes a gay (and alternative) lifestyle is detrimental to the common good, as well as societal values.

The media should not endorsing or promote the gay lifestyle and should not describe a gay couple as a 'family unit'. To do so is irresponsible and may lead to erosion of values and breakdown of the traditional family unit (father, mother and children). MDA must step in to ensure compliance and observance of the law and guidelines, which have been laid down to ensure good values and morals are upheld in society.

Jacelyn Chan (Ms)

Anonymous said...

It is really sad to hear of this fine. I wonder if the many international channels setting up in S'pore are questioning if their move was wise.
The media's objective is to inform. Showing something doesn't imply endorsement, or else we can accuse the media of promoting almost anything - unhealthy fast food, smoking, violence, adultery, premarital sex etc. Pretty soon TV will be sanitised like in communist countries, or the Taliban. There is always a choice to turn it off. I think the long-term risk is to the young of S'pore. By restricting them to watching "approved" and officially sanctioned media, they will grow up to be very naive and they may have difficulty when they move overseas to study or work. Perhaps it is a ploy by PAP to keep the future generations here? :-)