21 April 2008

Bloggers submit proposals to government

Further to an open call issued on Yawning Bread and The Online Citizen late last year, a group of bloggers came together in December 2007 with the aim of submitting proposals to the government on the deregulation of the internet.

The 20-page submission was sent to the Minister for Information, Communication and the Arts on 21 April 2008. Click on the graphic to download.

It calls for sweeping changes to the regulatory system, in order to bring Singapore in line with international norms and fundamental principles of free speech. What regulation that remains and are justifiable should be through clear laws rather than administrative discretion. It should also be realistic with regard to the borderlessness of the technology.


thomask said...

The government has repeatedly acknowledged that Internet technology is constantly evolving.

well, not quite. the internet is stupid. its uses (and users) are evolving.


(many of the points in your document are distilled here quite nicely.)

well done to all involved for standing up to be counted - it's exciting to see!

yuen said...

since you propose that rules be platform neutral, do your requests to relax rules on religious/racial/sexual content also apply to newspapers and TV?

niq said...

hi alex

i applaud the efforts you guys have put in! considering the possible risks involved (the govt's obsession with hunting people down, tracking) its admirable what you guys have done. thank you for supporting freedom of speech and widening of political openness in singapore.

hats off you guys!