27 May 2009

An ill-judged and irresponsible scoop

Sometimes, the mainstream media can do a better job in getting the government's attention than the online media. When there is a social problem wherein one group of people are suffering, website owners should think twice before they snatch the story out of consideration for the best interest of the victims. Full essay.


Anonymous said...

To be fair, the letter by Stephanie is unlikely to be published by ST as it contains a supposed dialogue with an MOM employee that cannot be substantiated. So the point of this article is moot.

lazylizard said...

not that i was too proud to be one, but i am really ashamed to call myself singaporean now.

Anonymous said...

To first poster:

That is not true. ST will edit out parts deemed irrelevant or undesirable and still publish if the overall agenda of the letter is inline with their flavour of the month or to their whims.