08 May 2009

Pink dot, 16 May 2009, 4:30 pm

Hong Lim Park has seen election rallies, angry investors and a stand-off between opposition leaders and the police. Time for something different: love and fun! Join in to help make a human pink dot. Advertorial.


Robox said...

How's this to kick off the pinkdot celebrations.

This is indeed groundbreaking!

To all the touchy-feely 'humanists' who have been preaching tolerance, I wish you knew what we had known all along from our scriptures, the Holy Foible.

A cure for this deadly disease should be available in no time.

Rejoice! For Mitch Gaylord is indeed good! (He's actually yummy!)

Allez, Lou Yao Ming!


Yawning Bread Sampler said...
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The Galavanting Geographer said...

Surely, "concerned parents" will be making a complaint to MHA and what-nots. In fact, I can already feel them emailing one another in a flurry and in fury.

What then?

Anonymous said...

from a singaporean to his fellow singaporeans,

have a great day in the sun!

kind regards.