19 August 2006

Apathetic youth, idols, buzz and a paedophile

Why youths are politically apathetic in Taiwan, why Singapore Idol is a disgrace, and other bits of news on the television tonight. Full essay.


Anonymous said...

I will attempt to address the 4 issues that you have written.
1. Youth in Taiwan?- perhaps they see the inability for political change, so why even bother? Most Taiwanese families have managed to send their kids to study in America, which is an extremely common practise.
2. Singapore Idols?- Singaporeans probably have a better time getting together after work, eat, and chat, rather than stay at home to vote. In addition, the Singaporeans may have a 'can't be bothered' attitude as well.
3. Buzz?- This is PAP's plan to pull in the high rollers for their future casinos. Of course, Singaporeans will have to pay the Sing$100 fee to enter their OWN casinos.
4. Jon Benet?- yes, it is the talk of the networks, as the man, John Kar may not be the real killer of this young beauty pageant queen who was killed in December of 1996.
Dr Henry Lee, the American forensic scientist does not believe John Karr's alleged admission, as Jon Benet was not raped, and when the autopsy was done, Jon Benet was not drugged as well., as John Karr had made these claims.
Hopefully the Boulder DA's Office have done their homework, as they did not even check with John Karr's ex-wife, who divorced him in 2001, claimed that her ex-husband had been present at their home in Alabama, during every Christmas. I hope I have managed to clear the air on these issues.

Anonymous said...

Re: Sg Idle

Well frankly, who watches mediacock these days? I know all my friends don't (in our late 20s), not even the news.

anonymous said...

Agree with Sg Idle... I don't even own a TV, ha ha ha :D Internet is better source of info all round. The longest that I did not have a TV at home was around 1+yr, and I didn't feel I missed out on anything :P

As for Lee's vision that the future high rollers will pack into Crazy Horse... I doubt. For high rollers with the money to go, they would hv seen world-class entertainment (e.g. Paris Moulin Rouge) and maybe it was even for free... freebies by casinos/high-class shops who want to pull them in. Why then would watered-down entertainment attract them?

Anonymous said...

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StealthEagle said...

Singapore Idol is really a marketing gimmick, no doubt. The winner and runner ups will be used as tools to generate money for Mediacorp.

I don't watch it after the first season because the voting system is being conquered by over-zealous teenagers, who are more interested on who is 'cuter' than singing talents.

Strangely they can spend a bomb on voting while their parents are working for long hours.

Anonymous said...

On Singapore Idol ..
the organizers please next time ..please
factor in vote formulae in place .
60% vote from the key judges
40% vote from rest of the masses
who I say looking at the latest edition
the votes are sent in are by hormones charged
pubescent group who blind to real talent but drawn in by eye candy looks .

The current edition all i can say sucks big time.

Its really B-O-R-I-N-G for the adults really except for the school girls population , really .