27 August 2006

On the front bench

Background to and script of the 5-minute speech I gave in the old Parliament chamber, as part of Talking Cock in Parliament. Full essay.


Gaurav said...

Thanks for putting this up! Now all we need are Hossan's lyrics to "We Live In Singapura"!

ashke said...

If you can fill in what's missing, I guess you'll have it =D


We Live in Singapura
sung by Hossan Leong

Saw the lion
??? Singapura
Then run very far

Years faded
Ang mo came
Stamford Raffles ???
Pose for statue very nicely
Then got colonised

Singapura very strong
Big guns all pointing wrong
Japanese came ???
Invade us from our backside

Singaporeans no respect
Communist come make a fuss
Singapore independent

*I'm in Singapura
It's not perfect living
But at least it's interesting
I'm in Singapura
Though it's kinda crazy
We win other country

David Marshall
Lim Yew Hock
National anthem starts to rock
Yusof Ishak the big man
Guess who's PM

Malaysia say "Come join me"
Two of us same country
Then not happy
Then make PM cry

PM Lee lead country
Build Jurong and HDB
Make the country clean and green
Opposition cannot win

JBJ no more fund
Chee Soon Juan oh he is bust
??? (Waterloo??)
Don't talk cock in Parliament


Kicked out of Malaysian cup
Michael Faye caned in the butt
S-league, TMC
Ah beng ??? no talking
McDonald, Hello Kitty
Everyone drink bubble tea
James (Lye??)is the PR man

Malaysia bui-hor-sing
??? "Chao ah kua!"

Everyone is ?? all must flush
Bubble gum are all banned
Ask girlfriend buy from Thailand


Driving car not funny
??? COE
ERP, road tax
?? until I want to barf

Everything have to pay
Foreign talent are okay
Causing estate ???
??? want to pok kai

IMF ??? (hold meeting?)
Want to protest go indoors
MRT not so fast
Newater they laugh at us


Baby boomers ??
Singtel (shelling??) out for free
Jake Neo, Kit Chan
Sexy bastard
Ho Yao San

?? Party
Singapore Girl
Has our ?? no one knows
S-league, go World Cup

??? and Abdullah
Bartop dancing at the bar
Budget airline start to PAH
Got speak Singlish lah

SM Lee go MM
Goh PM go (PMM?)
PM Lee the same name
Here we go all over again

*Refrain x2

We live in Singapura! (Ow!)

Monkey said...

I was able to go for the actual event but I was just watching it on youtube and while the sound quality was not very good, your posting of your entire speech online helped fill in the blanks for me! :)

Thank you! I enjoyed it very much and yes I remembered where they were from indeed and by the looks of youtube, the audience did too :)

Yawning Bread Sampler said...

The lyrics to hossan's song can be found here on his webpage.

The video of hossan's performance can be seen here, courtesy Kelvin Wong.