08 August 2006

The constipated MDA

Siew Meng Ee organised an art exhibition for IndigNation 2006, the gay and lesbian Pride Season. In this guest article, he records the dealings he had with the Media Development Authority, our state censors. Full essay.


teck soon said...

I refer to the comment in the article stating that authors should be able to be free of censorship "within the boundaries of the law - hence pornography is a no-no". I would like to add that I feel that the boundaries of the law are ill-defined and should be removed entirely. What is wrong with adults viewing pornography? I have seen, and have had sex with, real people. Why can't I look at pictures of real people having sex? I already know what they are doing! In fact, society would be better off without the MDA. Our tax dollars would not support the censors, Singapore could attract filmmakers and writers with its freedom in this region, and I could watch satellite television with closed-captioning for the deaf. Someday, the MDA will be eliminated. The censors SHOULD be scared, because they will be laid off when that day comes, and their censoring experience will likely not be helpful in securing new jobs. I find the censors offensive, and plan to depict them with art in an offensive manner. I doubt my artwork of them would be approved.

Yamasam said...

"Should the MDA act on behalf of these institutions? Shouldn't it be the other way around -- that the institutions make their complaints against the picture, then they step in to mediate? So if I find the depiction of GLBT in some media objectionable, they should ask them to remove it as well?"

In principle, I agree with you on this point wholeheartedly.

Unfortunately, I think our civil servants do not see it that way. Their mentality is that they cannot have ANY complaints against them from any source at all because it will reflect badly on them and their bosses. So, it is better to be kiasu & kiasi than to be bold.

Honestly, if Singapore is to make a quantum leap to get ahead, the mindset of our civil servants must change.