26 August 2006

Nice pineapple tarts

Fifteen individuals tell their personal stories of what it means to be gay or lesbian in a new book, SQ21 - a first, not only in Singapore, but in Asia. Full essay.


Anonymous said...

I am going to get this book! Haha..

Anonymous said...

It is about time that Singaporeans and Singapore address the issue of gays and lesbians. Hopefully the book will enlighten many homophobic ignorant people that gays are just like us regular folk.
Only we are percieved as 'damaged goods', and yet we have been blessed with talent that have taken many of us to the top of our careers!

Anonymous said...

Being gay is not a choice. It is about genetics, much like some people are prone to having 'albinos', cancer, down syndrome. One does not wake up one morning and say :"Hey, I think I'll be gay!".
No, it does not work that way.
Wake up people, get the book and enlighten yourselves. Gay people around the world are getting the acknowledgement and respect! Like it or not, we are here to stay.

Yawning Bread Sampler said...

Re anonymous, 30 August, 7:10
I think you're over-simplifying.

Homosexual orientation is only partly traceable to genetics, unlike albinism and down syndrome, which are pure genetic conditions.

If you do a search in Yawning Bread for "gay+twins", and separately, "finger length" you'll see articles explaining how research has arrived at this conclusion.

A lot of laymen think that since it is only partly genetic, then he remaining part is social influence. This is where public ignorance shows.

Although research is not yet able to provide a definitive answer at this point in time, there is increasing evidence that in-utero foetal development (i.e. biological but non-genetic) is the most likely explanation.

Despite 100 years of popular belief and plenty of researchers looking, there has not been any evidence that social/family influence plays any part at all.

Anonymous said...

'The team suggests that gene variations on the X chromosome make women more likely to have more children, and men more likely to be gay. "We think of a gene for male homosexuality, but it might really be a gene for sexual attraction to men," says Simon LeVay, a neuroscientist at Stanford University and a writer on sexuality.'
Either way, we exists.

Here is an unrelated subject, when scouting for the top American Football Players, many scouts go down south, to find African-American mothers, with healthy fit sons who play the sport, and the foottball scouts will seive them thru' to find the best football players for th NFL.
It is well known, that backs dominate most of America's sports. Tiger Woods broke the golf barrier, hopefully we will have a black 'Wayne Gresky' for ice hockey.
Coming back to gays and lesbians, we are coming out, as society is accepting us- just people.
One talented gay director is the one that directed X-men3, and Superman.

Mike said...

I came across your site, and I read this article about gays and lesbians. I don't know what the big deal is, as where I come from, it's just not a big deal. What a bummer to even justify this issue. I guess Asians have a different point of view. My friend, Anderson Cooper, who works at CNN is gay. I don't think I would be comfortable visitng Singapore.