13 February 2009

366 detained without trial in last 5 years

Minister for Home Affairs Wong Kan Seng revealed to Parliament that there has been active use of a temporary law - temporary since 1955 - to detain 366 persons without trial between 2004 and 2008. None of them had anything to do with terrorism. Full essay.


Anonymous said...

I think organized crime is even
more dangerous than terrorism.

Given a choice between leukemia
and the occasional blow to the
body, I choose the latter.

Anonymous said...

I agree with what you have said.
I am very impressed by your resourcefulness and analytical skills. Hopefully your comments would bring about a better tomorrow for Singapore.

All the best to you and all.

Anonymous said...

Hey, what's this new-fangled (for Singapore, that is) concept you are trying to push?

Accountability of government/goverment officials?

GCT will tell you, don't Boh Tua Boh Sueh!

Anonymous said...

But the minister will know that if he misuses his powers, he will be held accountable, and may eventually end up in jail himself.

PAP has appointed Ho Ching who lost $58billion in 6 years, yet she is not "fired" but stepped down in a planned succession.

PAP elites had endorsed TT Durai on NKF, yet he escapes jail term despite routing massive donations for his official benefits and priviledges.

PAP MP WKS has lost Singapore's most dangerous terrorist, yet it is the people who are blamed for being complacent.

Other than the PAP old guard like OTC and GKS, since when has any PAP member or its associates shown any sense of personal accountability? The closest was the suicide of Minister Teh Cheang Wan before his trial for alleged corruption.

Raising the pay attracts more competency or more legalized corruption? One wonders. What is sorely needed is the Freedom of Information Act and an active citizenry to shame the elites into accountability.