05 February 2009

Half-million is the new benchmark

US President Obama has capped executive pay at US$500,000, in any company being bailed out with taxpayer money. Aren't Singapore ministers too being paid with taxpayer money? Does the recently announced 20 percent pay cut in 2009 bring it within the new half-million benchmark? Full essay.


Anonymous said...

of course we can't reduce our minister's salary, we are a world class country, with world class pay scale for them. if not how to justify their worthiness and attract more foreign talent to join them ?

as for those bank investment, its a honest mistake, lets move on :)

Anonymous said...

Our pay must be competitive with that of the private sector, how can you even think of a pay-cut in Singapore? This is outrageous.

I don't know what that Obama is thinking.

Looks like Obama must learn the Singaporean style of doing things. Up, up and up.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Yawning Bread. I share the same sentiments too. People who aren't willing to exchange job satisfaction for personal financial gains should remain in private sector and not be lured into public office.

Note: A minister once claimed that $300 a month is enough to live on in Singapore. Surely $41,000 a month ($500,000 a year) more than enough to live on?