08 February 2009

Opposition unity still illusory

Nine panellists at the forum "Opposition - where to ", organised by the Singapore Democratic Party, spoke about unity among opposition parties, joint activities and working together with civil society. But are these realistic? Full essay.


KiWeTO said...


cross purpose as it might be, would the various non-PAP political parties come together and submit a strong team for a GRC?

yes, there'd be lots of potential issues, but moving 6 MPs representing different parties could be one way for them to start looking more competent and coherent, not to mention applying a few parties' political machinery in governing their wards might actually do:

1) give their people experience in ward management.

2) pool resources to make a better ward.

as for the future of the ward in the next election (and other potential infighting), why not worry about that bridge when they reach it?



Anonymous said...

Dear Alex,

If I have to put it delicately, I would say that the Opposition (pardon the generalisation) is filled with good intentions. But for better or worse, that is not enough to make a difference in the realm of politics.

Anonymous said...

Except in private whispers, no one said he was turned off by the old-school rostrum thumping and embarrassed to be associated with them.

Actually, I was. I left after Ti Lik's speech. It was such a waste of my time.