22 February 2009

On community moderation of internet content

The discussion about community moderation has tended to be about what kind of superstructure is needed on top of the digital platform. This is totally misguided. Full essay.


yuen said...

>over-controlling government creating a culture reliant only on vertical authority, such that individuals' sense of social responsibility has atrophied?

I think a number of (anonymous) contributors here display this trait; they have not lived up to the kind of broadmindedness and tolerance that your website advocates

Anonymous said...

To Yuen:

I invite readers to read


and judge for themselves.

Anonymous said...

To Yuen:

This is pathetic.

There are many comments
made on YBS. Feel free to criticise
any of them. And you do.

What makes you think your
comments are exempted?

Anonymous said...

Its called peer review - the most effective way of moderation!