10 August 2007

Death by numbers, part 2

The Straits Times required a letter-writer to eviscerate her letter before they would publish it, showing disrespect to accuracy and research citations. Full essay.


Anonymous said...

The first few sentences in this review(http://theologytoday.ptsem.edu/jul1979/v36-2-bookreview24.htm), suggest that the data was collected specifically for the book rather than taken from the Kinsey study.

"This report from the Institute for Sex Research at Indiana University is in the tradition of the famous early reports by Alfred C. Kinsey, especially because its data come from direct anonymous interviews. Detailed information was supplied by nearly a thousand homosexual persons in conversations lasting as long as five hours. A control group of heterosexual persons was given the same questions when those were relevant. Great care was taken in compiling and analyzing the data, using many devices that were not available to Kinsey."

Yawning Bread Sampler said...

For others' convenience, this is the link to the book review.

I thought the most striking statements were this: "Most of the interviewing was done by graduate students in the San Francisco Bay area, the study locus," and "Very few of the homosexual persons, especially men, were natives of the Bay area."

This suggests a rather strange sample.

It's a study from the gay capital of the US, with a sample drawn from non-natives who flocked to the city for what? Easy sex?


Anonymous said...

I think that a book on sexual behavior published almost 30 years ago is unlikely to be still relevant in 2007.