04 August 2007

Letter to the people of Singapore

A gay Singaporean explains why he left. He also takes issue with the way the Methodist Church obsesses with homosexuality. Guest essay by John Toh.


Anonymous said...

If the Churches continue to treat gay Christians as sinners, wouldn't it more convenient and less problematic for the Churches not to accept them in the first place. Just tell them to stop being Christians. Go follow other religions for what they care !

If the same logic were to be applied, wouldn't it be better for the Government to get rid of all gay Singaporeans since by definition under the Penal Code, they would be regarded as criminals . It is only by getting rid of them in the first place, then only our country will be a much acceptable place in the eyes of the our "conservative society".

Shouldn't the Government start a campaign to get rid of homosexuals in our society just like what Hitler did if they are such a menace and cannot be accepted as ordinary human beings ?

Dan said...

To get published in the ST, there are certain things you should do:

1) Use your real name, and
2) Keep your letter short. There is now a 400 word limit for letters published in the print edition of the ST. While longer letters have been accepted to the online edition, a letter of this length is still unlikely to get published.

jonathan said...

yep. as much as the 400 word limit is probably also an excuse to limit serious and lengthly discourse, i'm not as sure that it's a tool to limit the choice of topic and stance. it'd be interesting to see they'd publish such a letter if it manages to be short and yet strongly pro-gay.