02 August 2007

Lee Low Tar

Another work has been banned by the Media Development Authority. Lee Low Tar is a fictional metatextual romp by young writer Ng Yi-Sheng about an unnamed country's gerontophilia (the love of old men). Read it here.


Anonymous said...

No offense, but the excerpts you posted reads like any erotica that's out there..

Anonymous said...

what specific license did he apply for? this does not appear to be a performance/exhibition

Anonymous said...

Wow, that was absolutely hilarious :)

Anonymous said...

*Gasp* Did MDA really write the response posted?? It's beyond hilarious!

Yawning Bread Sampler said...

anonymous, 2 Aug, 19:55 -

Look carefully and you'll see that the "organisation" that wrote the letter was not eh MDA but the MAD.

anonymous, 2 Aug, 17:17 -

The MDA classifies readings as an arts event. So if someone reads from a prepared fictional text, it needs an arts licence, and the MDA would want to vet every word of the text. It would be an offence to depart from the previously vetted text on the day itself. So much for spontaneity/creativity in Singapore.

anonymous 2 Aug, 15:49 -

Read between the lines and think about the issue of gerontophilia, not merely in the sexual sense, but the political sense perhaps? Why do you think the author described his work as "metatextual"?

Anonymous said...


that applies more to mainland china, like Rupert Murdoch and Yang Zhenning attracting young wives; here the old prefer to receive awe and be perceived as figures of authority

>So much for spontaneity/creativity in Singapore.

now where was the guy who cut off his own pubic hair and drank urine on stage? maybe that's more acceptable than mocking old people under our asian values...


Jared Er said...

Bravo Yisheng, bravo! Yet another brilliant piece of work. Can just imagine the MDA officers squirming in their chairs as they read it! =D

Ned Stark said...

Mr Au,

What are ur views on this announcement by Lee Boon Yang?


Yawning Bread Sampler said...

Ned Stark's URL somehow got truncated.

Here it is:

Lee Boon Yang's statement, that "Controversy and art go hand-in-hand" and that "I can't imagine an arts event of the scale of the Singapore Art Show going off without any controversy. In fact, I'll be very, very surprised" are in fact quite banal.

The question posed to him, however was in the context of Lynn Lu's exhibit, which was similar enough to an earlier work by Jason Mortara - with whom she had previously worked with - to raise questions about originality. The artist Lynn Lu herself then withdrew the work from the show.

Controversy of this nature is between and among artists and viewers.

It's quite different from governments exercising censorship for the flimsiest reasons, and pretending that the controversy so created is of the same kind! Such "controversy" is not about the merit of the art, but about the (ab)uses of political power.

GoodLuck said...

Oh my goodness! That was really rip-roaring side-splitting funny. Excellent spoof of the sexual, social, policy, and political realities of Singapore :-D

Impressive and funny at the same time. Hey, can this go into TalkingCock too? I'm sure its readers will appreciate the spoof.

Ng Yi-Sheng said...

I'd love for it to go to TalkingCock!

(This is the author speaking - I posted more of an explanation of my standpoint here:



lau min-tsek said...

Does this means that I have to hide my copy of "Lolita" bought from Times a few years ago?

Anonymous said...

you are confusing geronophilia with pedaephilia