18 August 2007

Race, religion and Negarakuku

A controversy in Malaysia over a Youtube music video raises a number of questions which Singaporeans too should think about. Full essay.


Anonymous said...

It is not 'kiong kan' in cantonese, but kiam kan in hokkien, which literally means owe a fuck, or deserved to be fucked.

'Lelai' IMO is most probably his way of censoring the word by the acronym 'CB'...

peasant said...

the "Private School" in the lyrics actually refered to the Chinese Independent High School. for more info see en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chinese_Independent_High_School

Anonymous said...

I like the video clip, very innovative!
Let us just listen and enjoy.

Robert L said...

To set the record straight.

Negara-ku ku is actually a legitimate Malay phrase meaning "My (version of) Negara-ku".

Negara-ku means "My country" = Nat Anthem
Negara-ku ku means "My" Negara-ku = My (version of the) Nat Anthem

Of course, he has cleverly made a pun with Negara kuku - which means the country is kuku. "Kuku" besides penis, may also take on the meaning of stupid, crazy or idiot (derived from cuckoo).

Penis being a near-expletive, I see no reason to assume blogger Namewee used "kuku" in that sense, not when the alternative sense "stupid country" suits his video perfectly.

I don't know if Namewee reads Shakespeare, but his pun on Negara-ku ku is well worthy of Shakespearean standard.

Anonymous said...

The MATA does not issue receipt, he issues summons. Meng Chee used the Malay equivalent "saman" which is also the colloquial Hokkien for "teow saman".

Anonymous said...

"wild war" is a term meaning having sex anywhere outdoors