10 August 2007

Pity the heliconias

We speak of a 'Garden City' yet sacrifice our plants and flowers for a temporary night market. We speak of a 'City of Possibilities' while banning this and that. Full essay.


Anonymous said...

They destroyed the old Raffles Hotel, and put up a fake one. That was a horrific act of destroying a beautiful major architectural monument!
They could have preserved the old Raffles Hotel, by upgrading the inside of the hotel, while still keeping the original tiles, inside.
They wiped out Bugis street, the same equation apples.. The shophouses in certain parts of Chinatown could have been preserved, by internal upgrades...
no- that is not how the present regime does things. There are certain sites that SHOULD BE PRESERVED, via upgrades. One does not have to destroy the original beauty of Singapore, look at Rome, and why most of its heritage is preserved, do u see the Italians tearing down the Colosseum n the Pantheon? The list goes on. Estes Park, the Bouldarado Hotel in Colorado? The brownstones n Lofts in NYC, even the Chinese have kept the GREAT WALL OF CHINA intact.

And you talk about the destruction of flowers, Mr Au?
They don't care for the bigger things that matter,FLOWERS are the least of their worries.
BTW- it is great to see that people turned up for the picnic! There is a lesson to be learnt here, that if one wants it bad enough, one can find a way to go around the stupid reason of 'politics' for not allowing a picnic at the Botanical Gardens.
Gays in Singapore appear to be considered and treated like lepers?
How regressed the administration is, when civil unions already exist for gay people in America, and England. I am gay, n many of my friends run Nesdaq firms in silicon valley, Scottsdale, NYC. We find it very hypocritical that Singapore has gay clubs, but gays are treated in such a discriminating way.
We just don't know what/where the real law stands re: gays in Singapore. I guess they need 'wiggle room' to witchhunt gay people, who btw- are just normal people,who can adopt n have families!

Anonymous said...

How about the fracas in Hong Kong involving the Queen's Pier? - IrCTP

hugewhaleshark said...

The pasar malams can be quite nasty. The last time they had one in Clementi, the pathways stank because waste (food and other, I suspect) had been disposed of behind the bushes. It lasted so long that all the grass died beneath the temporary structures and had to be replanted.

Speaking of irony, how about this one: "Singapore thrives by being a crucible for interesting ideas, said Foreign Affairs Minister George Yeo". Oh of course he was talking about biotechnology! Other things no need to have new ideas one.