16 May 2008

Gay marriage victory in California Supreme Court

The California Supreme Court has ruled that it is unconstitutional to deny marriage to gay and lesbian couples. The state thus becomes the second in the US to offer same-sex marriage after Massachusetts. Full essay.


Anonymous said...

I submitted this to tomorrow.sg but the editors didn't publish it. For a society that finds it hard to accept shows featuring gay couples, same-sex marriage is way off the charts.

Anonymous said...

I had read that gay rights activists in the US have a list of all the rights that automatically accrue to a heterosexual couple the moment they are married - property rights, right to make decisions if one spouse is incapacitated, inheritance rights, etc.

So I was just wondering if anyone in Singapore had ever bothered to do research and compile such a similar list? If so, how many of these rights can be accrued to a homosexual couple through legal instruments like wills, advance medical directives, power of attorney, etc.

Hell, I would think law firms could come up with such a list and the legal ways to let gay spouses have these rights. The firms can then market it as the 'Gay Marriage Package'.

The flip side is, of course, should the relationship turns sour, there will be lots of paperwork to go through as well. But that's the same for a heterosexual divorce isn't it?