11 May 2008

Hong Kong broadcasting regulator's decision overturned by court

While our Media Development Authority runs amok imposing fine after fine on TV stations for the slightest trace of homosexuality, in Hong Kong, when their broadcasting regulator tried to do the same, they were slapped by the court. Full essay.


Ned Stark said...

I hear you Alex,but the UDHR has not had that much of a history in local shores. Singapore courts do not have tradition of upholding the individual rights against the so called rights of the state.

Ned Stark said...

Oh, and in addition, Ronald Dworkin's theories are grounded in the American version of liberal democracy. Thus it is unlikely that such ideas will take root in Singapore, where the limited discourse is dominated by Thio's conception of Natural Law Theory.

Anders said...

Just a thought regarding the statement that "freedom of speech includes such speech that disturbs or offends".

Isn't that the whole point with freedom of speech - to grant that right. Uncontroversial speech that doesn't offend anyone, is anyway in no need of such protection and "freedom" to say the uncontroversial is a completely useless freedom.

Anonymous said...

All households in Singapore have to pay for an annual Residential TV Licence (S$110) to MDA.

It says that the fees go towards the production of public service programmes on free-to-air local TV and radio channels.

Until they produce a reasonable public service programme about gay issues and stop fining TV stations that show any LGBT content in a positive light that would educate the public perhaps we should all withold the tax and make a public statement about it.

Anonymous said...

Besides Desperate Housewives, the following top rated and/or critically acclaimed TV series also have prominent gay characters either recurring or in the main cast:-

- Ugly Betty
- Grey's Anatomy
- Law and Order: Special Victims Unit
- Brothers and Sisters

Brothers and Sisters just had a huge gay wedding as their season finale in the US.

Yawning Bread Sampler said...

anonymous, 12 may 2008, 12:42

Re the series Brothers and Sisters, it has suffered cut after cut since it first appeared on Channel 5.

As for the wedding, read about it here:

Anonymous said...

And what do you know? The finale of Desperate Housewives Season 4 also had a gay wedding!