30 May 2008

The second Burmese conversation

Six months after I met with a group of Burmese to explore their feelings about the snuffed-out monks' protests last September and October, much has happened in their country, not least Cyclone Nargis and the generals' preoccupation with a referendum. What were their feelings now? Full essay.


Anonymous said...

Is it safe for them to post their pictures? I ask this out of concern because I know of a case where someone was called up for questioning.

Anyway, some Singaporeans do believe Singapore can be better and we want to be part of that. The notion of national loyalty isn't so strange to Singaporeans.

Yawning Bread Sampler said...

John Moe and Myo Myint Maung know I was going to put up their photos. Their faces have appeared in other places before. In fact you can see Myo in Ho Choon Hiong's video too.