09 May 2008

Here's proof: Section 377A being enforced

A man has just been charged under Section 377A, our anti-gay law. This, barely months after the prime minister suggested that gay citizens have nothing to fear from the law. Full essay.


Charles said...

"The sex charge said that the bespectacled, spiky-haired man and the boy performed the sex acts in a cubicle of a men's toilet at the Northpoint Shopping Centre in Yishun on Sept 15 last year."

I think it from the "in the public" that the "indecency" comes from, I am not sure that is comes at "gross indecency" under Singapore law, though; but then it may have been a mistake from the news reporter.

KiWeTO said...


when has one ever been able to trust a 'politician' at his 'word'?

rhetoric is just rhetoric. Its whether there is any actual change in the law, that affects how the politician and civil servants may then govern.

Then again, as long as we have a constitution that defers to laws that allow the sitting minister too-wide powers to determine where the legal lines are, will we ever move forward?


Yawning Bread Sampler said...

Charles - I know for a fact (from a lawyer) that it was 377A, even though the press report didn't say so exactly. I shall rephrase the sentence in the essay to make it clearer.

Anonymous said...

Singapore PAP government never mean what they said! They are out right LIAR with a capital L, and still you can accuse them as they will surely sue for defamation! That's our World Class Justice System!

Anonymous said...

YB: "If so, then this is gross insincerity -– to suggest one thing, when fully aware that it will not be so".

Anyone recall raising GST to help the poor. In that contex charging someone with 377A is not surporsing

Anonymous said...

Yup having the 377A there is just leaving it open to abuse (pun unintended)...

Anyone who has a grudge against or just want to make things difficult for a gay person (suspected or otherwise) can go and make a report and the police are obliged to go and investigate...

And like YB said, if there is evidence, the police would be duty-bound to take action since the law is in place...

Coming back to this case, I seriously hope that the teen is not infected - that would really ruin his whole future :(

A little bird atop the canopy said...

Dear Yawningbread,

Is it ok for you to underline and bold the text "gross indecency" in the newspaper article which you quoted and then put "emphasis added by Yawningbread"?

It would be easier to know which part of the article said it.

feeblechicken said...

I was wondering what is the visibility of the movement to repeal 377A? Has it been purely online? Anyone thought of making t-shirts advertising,etc, to increase visibility, thereby start more conversations? I havn't been in SG for a couple of years now so I am wondering what is the climate for awareness of the gay movement.

Anonymous said...

feeblechicken: not a bad idea...like a t-shirt saying "2nd class citizen", but Singaporeans would be too shy to wear them. No one wants to stand out in a crowd.

I agree though, it looks like the Prime Minister is a liar. He clearly said that gays wouldn't be harassed and the law wouldn't be enforced. Someone should inform that famous gay scientist on his way to NTU that he might be arrested when he gets to Singapore.

Anders said...

The entire idea that laws can be arbitrarily used or not, at the discretion and good/bad will of politicians, is fundamentally flawed. So, this is hardly surprising.

Anonymous said...

The great sage M&M questioned why S377A was not already repealed since scientifically, a gay gene occurs naturally from random gene variation. Normally, when the great sage (MM)speaks, thunder happens and things get done lightning fast as said.

This time however, not only is the younger Peanut Machocolate (PM) adamant about keeping the 377A still intact under wrappers, he intends to throw anyone into jail for biting into it too. Yikes!

So the BIG question begs...isn't it obvious that the big M&M is still head honcho both at work and at home? so how come his words are not even embraced, let alone heeded?

Well, maybe it's just a family show, where the left hand slaps the right. Someone has to play devil's advocate right?!
End of the day, it's still the same willy wonker chocolate yonker factory!
So, welcome to Singapore! :P

Anonymous said...

It is noting new, enforcement of the laws on the books are at the whim of the government only.

They will never repeal this law, simply because its a tool to target specific segments of the population in the event of need, basically political need.

Who else as a group are outspoken, has global news and media outreach and is linked with Human Rights and news worthy.

Once in a while some poor sap, would be prosecuted under this law.

As a hetero, i defend the rights of any person to engage in willing consensual sexual actions.

This is a ridiculous situation.